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Park City Mountain Resort is an alpine ski resort in the Wasatch Range in Park City, Utah, USA, south of Salt Lake City. Deer Valley is a ski resort with a number of hotels, restaurants and other amenities located on the west side of the mountain in Deer Canyon, a small town in Utah's Park County.

Known for its upscale amenities, the resort is consistently one of North America's top ski resorts and hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Opened in 1963, the ski resort is one of the oldest alpine ski resorts in the USA and the second oldest in Utah. Deer Valley Ski Resort, a well-known ski resort in Deer Canyon, Utah, includes a number of slalom and giant slalom runs, including the world's largest ski resort with more than 1,000 acres of slopes, as well as a variety of other ski resorts.

Alta is a ski resort in the western United States located on the western side of the Utah-Idaho border, south of Salt Lake City. Its base height is 8530 Ft with a passable area of 2200 hectares and rises to 10550 Ft. It is known to be very high and get more snow than most other places in Utah. The average annual snowfall limit in Alta is 514 m, and the average daily snowfall limit is 1,000 cm per year.

The resort was purchased by Vail Resorts in 2014 and combined with neighboring Canyons Resort to form Alta Ski Resort, the largest ski resort in the United States and the second largest in Utah. It is the only remaining ski resort on the Utah-Idaho border that prohibits snowboarding.

If the building freezes, people can still apply for a permit for an existing home in an approved zone, said city manager Joel Linares. Mayor Jeff Silvestrini said the city is making it easier to obtain licenses because the business is so lucrative. We have to restrict the rental of overnight accommodation, otherwise nobody would build anything else, and I would not blame them, "he said, adding that his city has more than 1,000 short-term rental licenses. One of the cities trying to address short-term rental housing is Sandy, which banned the practice and changed its law to allow a certain number of them in its neighborhood law last August.

The city is now in an ongoing discussion about how to grow responsibly in the community.

While Utah cities are aware that rental housing is thriving, they seem to have little they can do to keep it in check. Rather than buck this trend and pretend it doesn't exist, cities need to start addressing it.

The city has received a few complaints from neighbors about unapproved rentals, but they have not yet been forwarded to enforcement. Sandy says it continues to investigate complaints about unapproved rentals, but usually issues only a warning first.

If the complaint is accompanied by a formal complaint to the city, the operation of an unlicensed company may be subject to a fine. Unlicensed landlords need not worry about being tracked down and punished simply for online ads, and they are protected by state law. However, if these ads are accompanied by formal complaints from cities, companies operating as unlicensed companies can also pay fines. Several real estate investors who spoke to the Tribune anonymously confirmed that they are running short-term rentals because it is too difficult to get them. He says people are being driven to run unregistered businesses because the city doesn't know how to regulate them properly, and that city policy is confusing and contradictory.

Pitcher says he has avoided the hassle by renting out short-term rentals in Puerto Rico, where they are a popular tourist attraction. Frustration is compounded by the fact that unlicensed operators in South Salt Lake are making profits while fighting the case. Dale Carlile has heard of SouthSalt Lake, but he said he's looking for homes in other cities that could be more welcoming to his business, and none of the locations has impressed him.

Millcreek, which was listed as a city in 2016, passed an ordinance last year requiring short-term rentals. Salt Lake City has many AirBnB listings, though the city tracks them online and does not license them in residential areas. Knotwell described a determined resistance by the cities to hotels, but a compromise emerged and was enacted. Faced with a shortage of affordable housing and scarcity of parking spaces in the city center, Moab adopted a plan in February to keep pace with growth.

He declined to talk to the Tribune about the city's short-term rental policy or comment on Carlile's request. Further questions to both cities about their policies went unanswered and were directed at other staff who said they were not allowed to speak for the cities.

K Knotwell said his bill protects people who are not bothered by excessive parking, noise or litter. He pledged that he would fight any rent freeze that would bring the city, which has so far refused to accept, to its knees.

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